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Erica is an exceptional facilitator who effortlessly balances challenging participants to stretch themselves; all the while offering the space for people to gently progress.  She has a rich and varied set of life experiences to draw upon; and her knowledge of what she does, and level of understanding is astounding.  She has a rare gift of helping participants see themselves as they truly are: connected, capable and full of energy which enables people to live great lives.  It has truly been an honour to learn from her.” 

Candida Schörger, Global HR business partner for organizational change, DXC Technology

Thrive has enabled me to get connected to and appreciate what I believe to be my true purpose. After this course I have pushed myself physically and mentally beyond any limits I believed I had. What was so spectacular is that I managed to break these barriers while being kind to myself, mostly because of Erica’s gentle guidance and encouragement. I experienced shifts in almost all aspects of my overall well-being during this course but the most significant has to be those related to Vitality. The Thrive course have helped me to establish a connection with nature that I never realised I needed. If you want to experience something truly life altering DO THIS COURSE! All you need do is just SHOW UP, and Erica will do the rest.”

I took part in Thrive as I was at a point where I needed inspiration and the motivation to make changes, as well as the time and space to reflect on my own needs. It was the most valuable thing I’ve done in a long time. I loved every module each week, from what I learnt, to the new relationships formed and of course the daily results that came from trying something new. I highly recommend this valuable course!” 

Claire Barnardo, Head of Case Study Centre, Graduate School of Business, Cape Town

It is amazing what one can achieve in a few hours a week when there is focus and attention to the levers that can create the biggest impact. This is what Erica and Thrive have done for me so masterfully, helped me bring focus and attention to the levers that needed pulling in my life, in order for me to create the shifts I needed for real and deep impact. All that in a most gentle, insightful and encouraging manner. By the end of our course time together, I felt back on my path, reenergised and had a clear vision and a plan to get there. I just know I will be drawing on the lessons shared for many years to come. Thank you.”

Saskia Hickey, Radio Broadcaster and Presenter, Heart FM

Gadija Allison, Learning Specialist, Adult Education


You will find like-minded people also thinking about how they’d like to do things differently if only they would just start. This programme provides you with practical tools to use to not only reflect on your goals but also begin a programme of action. You will experience a true sense of empowerment and encouragement.  “It allowed me the opportunity to pause and reflect on the key issues in my life. Most importantly, it achieved an unexpected objective – to review what is really important to me.”

Professor Linda Ronnie,

Organisational Behaviour and People Management, University of Cape Town GSB


The Goethe quote Erica used during one of her modules really became prophetic: “Whatever you can do or     dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!'”. This became true during the course, most notably in the Vitality section. We realized we could scale mountains without (much) difficulty and accomplish never before attempted goals. It turned dreary Wednesdays into the highlight of my week! Thank you Erica.”

Grace Cairns, Elite Physiotherapy


No words to describe how I feel after this trip! I’ve learnt so much – about teamwork, perseverance, listening, laughing, being at one with nature, making a fire, and even how to paddle elegantly – but most of all I learnt more about myself.” 

Sarah Eechaut, Professional Photographer, Belgium


That whole sense of switching off and replenishing your own energy. That was fantastic… even after 24 hours I could have been on a holiday for three weeks…and also that sense of awe – realizing how small we are and how BIG and wondrous the natural world is. I felt that feeling … you can call it transcendence… calmness and serenity.”

Dr.Lucinda Ryan, Bristol


The trip made me feel so empowered because of having to deal with nature and the elements and challenges. I can actually make a fire and I can paddle through the sea and its fine. I also understood that it empowered me for my whole life back home -  I can just look at myself, at my life, at my work, at my relationships, at anything and I can say ‘Actually, this isn’t ok.’ … I can make changes, I’m not stuck in anything - ever – I am free to do anything I want. I can live the life I want to live.”

Aurelia Ven, Financial Conduct Authority, UK


On the kayaks life felt very simple and and real and straightforward - like this is how it should be. It was such a strong feeling and it lasted for such a long time after coming back to London. I loved the feeling that I didn't need much. I didn't need a fancy handbag and I wasn’t even wearing any makeup for the longest time. I felt so free!” 

Katerina Psiaris, Positive Psychologist and Astrophysicist


The trip was an amazing bonding experience for us, even though we had known each other for years. I think it created something different between us… we came away from that trip together with something a lot deeper – a much stronger bond. We were actually at times in quite a dangerous situation. We had to all stick together…”

Annabel Brooks-Ward, Old Mutual Plc


During our 5 days away it felt like everything else that distracts you usually is kind of gone…And I think that is why it was so easy to get perspective and build that kind of connection with your subconscious, or your higher self, or your spirituality, or whatever you want to call it, because it is just stripped back to basics.”

Katja Lips, Marketing Consultant, London


With every paddle stroke I felt like I was coming alive again. The most amazing feeling came over me as I left behind the day to day, the grip of the city…and I felt complete peace as nature enveloped me. Take this life-changing journey with Erica - you will be so glad you did.”

Dr. Lizelle Barkhuizen, Nuffield Corporate Helath

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