Unlocking the happiness premium

"The research is unequivocal: Happier people get more done, and do it better."



I help teams and individuals to increase their score on the science-based dimensions of happiness, well-being and fulfilment.

As a person's whole-spectrum well-being increases he or she becomes more intrinsically engaged, productive, and creative, and brings greater discretionary energy and deepened loyalty to work.

Everyone wins. 

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Team Building

BESPOKE SOLUTIONS I work with organizations and teams to develop bespoke, science-based journeys that focus on delivering the mental, emotional, physical, relational and behavioral shifts that are most needed. Outcomes are measured and correlated to performance improvements. 


The growth experience that ensues from these self-designed journeys are often profoundly life-changing for participants and at the same time creates highly cohesive teams. Highly cohered teams of inspired and high-vitality individuals unlock the x-factor in performance.



I combine the sciences of positive psychology, ORSC systems change, Barrett's culture assessment, Nancy Klein's Thinking environment and nature-based personal change to develop powerful journeys that result in accelerated change at the personal and team level.


The new sciences of well-being give us robust evidence about the necessary building blocks of a well-lived, actualized life. I help individuals and teams to improve on each of these dimensions of mental, physical, emotional, and relational well-being, in a way that is measurable and enduring, and that often results in life-changing behavior shifts.


ORSC methodologies helps reveal the system to itself, and enables informed commitment to better ways of being and doing as a team. ORSC utilizes alternative pathways, such as embodiment, constellations, open democracy and creative visioning, all of which illuminate fresh insights that are not accessible through cognitive processes alone. The approach profoundly empowers teams to understand unconscious dynamics and choose more effective ways of relating. 


The scientific evidence supports the experience that nature-based interventions deepen connections and provide powerful environments for accelerated personal change. Experiences are designed to serve the team's level of fitness and outdoor competency. 

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In addition to significantly improved levels of mental, physical, emotional and relational health for individual the collective benefits greatly. The change journey delivers system and relationship insights, improved empathy, understanding, appreciation of difference, trust and transparency, clarity of purpose, stronger team identity, heightened team aspiration and shared vision and a significant reduction in team toxic behaviors. This increased group intelligence translates to significantly improved team performance and strongly correlates with employee well-being, less stress at work, lower levels of absenteeism and long-term organizational success.  Investing in radical individual well-being and in relationship mastery is the new frontier for high-performing organizations. 

Human Resource leaders have long since recognized the importance of emotional intelligence for organisational performance.

In a growing relationship economy, visionaries are recognizing the importance also of social and systems intelligence. 


The smartest organisations will be proactive in building advanced system intelligence skills.


The winners will differentiate around this.