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Erica Terblanche

Mind-Body Wellbeing Educator 

Happiness Coach 

Motivational Speaker 

Adventure expert 

Endurance Athlete



unlocking unlimited potential

I unlock the x-factor in you and your team through enabling mind-body well-being and happiness. 

I offer group courses that teach the science-based and practical skills of human flourishing. 


Outcomes in teams include increased energy, physical vitality, optimism, and motivation; greater self-confidence and ability to relate, connect, and lead, especially in a virtual context; improved mental & emotional resilience, and ability to master stress; increased engagement and sense of personal fulfilment; greater agency, accountability and self-directed self-leadership, especially in distributed work contexts. 


I help individuals build the science-based skills for greater happiness and mind-body well-being. 

Outcomes include reduced depression, stress and anxiety, greater appreciation of self and others, increased self-confidence, energy and vitality, more frequent feelings of love, compassion, hope, calm, contentment, gratitude, and living from a place of personal direction and meaning and purpose. 


My signature talk Highways of Happiness is a a powerful and moving talk about lasting happiness and about the reliable pathways of getting there.

​Science-based, informative, and exhilarating, the story unfolds against the backdrop of extreme distance running in the Sahara Desert. It weaves together the hard-earned wisdoms from the edge of human endurance with the neuroscience and psychology of happiness and fulfilment. Infinitely human and timely, this talk has the power to transform lives.


Spending time in Nature has the power to restore and heal us.


I offer life-changing, multi-day kayaking expeditions in Greece,

and multi-day hiking retreats in the mountains of South Africa.


These adventures create the physical and emotional space for deep restreflection and reset. You will return feeling rejuvenated in heart, body and soul.  

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Erica has 20 years experience in organizational strategy, sustainability and change, working with senior leadership teams, Excos, and Boards. She has a B.Sc. in Surveying, a master's degree in business, a degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Positive Psychology. She is a life coach, a systems-&-relational coach, and a Barrett's culture & values practitioner. She is also an accomplished endurance athlete, over the past 25 years having won some of the most grueling multiday running races across the world, and is the author of the recent Exclusive Books top recommended title RUN for the Love of Life. 


Erica is the founder of two businesses: Teach a Girl to Fish which offers personal growth experiences through nature-based-adventure; and Thrive Guru which brings the relatively new science and practical skills of whole-person well-being into businesses and schools.  She is a well-known voice on well-being and has a weekly radio feature on the habits and practices of happiness and success. 

"I understands people and I understand business, and within this context it is my passion and my craft to help people achieve their highest potential - and ultimately to be happy". 


+27 81 782 1413

Cape Town, South Africa

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