Erica Terblanche

Systems thinker, strategist, change agent,

employee engagement and sustainability expert,

life coach, endurance athlete, and author.

unlocking unlimited potential
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Interventions that unlock the x-factor in people and organizations

"People who feel good, do better. People who do good, feel better.

There is no greater way to engage a person than in the endeavor of actualizing their highest potential, and by standing in service of something greater than themselves."

Corporate sustainability is no longer just a tick in the box to satisfy governance. Sustainability is an abundant source of innovation, employee engagement and customer loyalty. The research tells us that it increasingly matters to the majority of millennials, whether customer or employee. Yet sustainability is often considered an after-thought, and its strategic potential neglected. 

I help organizations to apply sustainability thinking, and especially the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to upregulate and rejuvenate core operational strategy. 

Through embedding sustainability in core strategy we switch on the kind of purpose-driven innovation, creativity and performance that unlocks shared value for shareholders, employees and society alike. Everybody wins - and especially the generations that come after us. By becoming truly sustainable and purpose-driven at the core, organizations build the deepest and most enduring customer and employee loyalty imaginable.

Why? Because people who do good, feel better.

I help organizations to help their people feel great - mind, body and soul.

Why? Because people who feel good do better.

I help people to get excited again about their hopes and dreams and to become intrinsically motivated to make the most of their lives.

I apply the burgeoning sciences of well-being to help people build coping skills that work and the most effective high performance habits that will help them to follow through on their dreams and to unlock their highest potential.

As part of the personal growth process I help people build great relationship skills, and in so doing we build cohesive teams, with high emotional maturity, a shared language for relating and ultimately the performance-alchemy most teams can only dream of. 

I have spent 20 years in corporate board rooms, serving top leadership teams and boards of FTSE 100 companies. At the same time I spent 20 years running across some of the harshest and most spectacular landscapes in the world, running monster distances of sometimes more than 160 miles at a time - without stopping. The lessons I had learnt at the furthest edge of endurance have spilled over to inspire my life and my work in ways I could not have imagined. 

My talks are about sharing what I have learnt and about inspiring people to make the most of their one precious life. I awaken people to their bodies, their mental and physical health and their agency to make changes. I help people to take the first step on whatever journey is uniquely theirs. 


Erica is the founder of Teach a Girl to Fish and Thrive Guru, offering novel combinations of positive psychology, business strategy, sustainability thinking, transformational group coaching and nature-based adventure. She helps people to boost their resilience, energy and intrinsic engagement and she helps organizations to thrive through reawakening meaning, purpose and strategic sustainability.


People who have worked with her describe Erica as ‘truly inspirational’, ‘of an 'extraordinary and infectious energy’, 'highly qualified and experienced' and 'someone who motivates you to dream bigger and do what you thought impossible'.

She has an impressive CV of diverse accomplishments and blends this unique mix to create something extraordinary for her clients. 


+27 81 782 1413

Cape Town, South Africa

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