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Unlocking the sustainability opportunities that will boost your bottom-line and your positive impact in the world, while deeply engaging your people and customers in your societal purpose.  

"Not even half of organizations' purpose statements drive impact.

Contributing to society and creating meaningful work, the top two priorities of employees, are the focus of just 21% and 11 % of purpose statements, respectively."

Corporate Purpose, 2020 McKinsey Survey


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My approach is as simple as it is effective.

I work with the leadership team of each of your business lines and functional divisions to identify the most high-impact, practical and business-relevant sustainability opportunities that will best support your divisional and overall business strategy while addressing the most relevant issues facing the communities you serve.

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The output of these sharp and short leadership sessions is revived and relevant organizational purpose, a practical sustainability strategy with clear strategic actions, a high-level business plan and KPIs that describe both the impact on the key business metrics and on society, including impact on the the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Through this process your societal purpose becomes real, tangible and measurable - which attracts customers, employees and business partners to you as a purpose-driven organization. 

Equally, through this process your business builds relevance, agility and resilience in a world where accelerating change is the only constant. 

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